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Drill Bits

Hartwell’s revolutionary drill bit design for the HDD industry include four forward and three rear facing variable nozzles and tapered back for swabbing the hole.



Fixed cutter PDC bits allow for greater shearing action, less friction and quicker drill times than conventional 3-cone bits.


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Hartwell’s backreamers are designed specifically for the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) industry. Built as one piece unit our heavy duty back reamers are designed with strength and speed in mind.


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Oilfield Bits

Focused on “making hole” our PDC fixed-cutter bits are available up to 24” and get the job done in both traditional and unconventional drilling environments.


Technical Specs

Hart6169  11"

Hart5197  8 3/4"

Hart5137-R1  8 3/4"

Hart5137  8 3/4

Hart5197  7 7/8"

Hart6166  7 7/8"

Hart6138  7 7/8"

Hart5167  7 7/8"

Hart5137  7 7/8"

Hart4165 6"

HDS613-7  6 3/4"

Hart5137  6 3/4"

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Water Well and Industrial Bits and Hole Openers

Specifically designed for non-oilfield applications

(mining, geothermal, etc.) our non-oilfield bits
are built with the same high-quality standards,
but constructed without replaceable nozzles and
hard facing to save our customers money.


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